By Rod Johnson

Rodric believes Moroni included special instruction for Modern times and wants to share his unique perspective the same way Moroni shared in The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ.

The Character of the Second Term of Barack H. Obama

Democrats Wimps Republicans Wasps

Of course, that is not true! But, the conservative talk media and writers definitely paint Democrats as media puppies that wilt in the sun and float away at the mere mention of war. We have been brainwashed into thinking that if we are at war we want a Republican President because those rich muddled flunkers know how to fight! At least that is what I heard. In peace, we need to have a Democrat because those snot crammed sad assets can manage the peace! That's what I heard.
After pondering President Obama's actions and utterances, I question the stereotype.

As opposed to Clone Wars

Drone Wars?

I came across a funny piece about the "private war" in Pakistan featuring drone killing machines ordered by the evil Barrack Hussein Obama to kill innocent citizens.
I am not sure how much the author embellished the president's support of the drone killings that have occurred in Pakistan, but this doesn't sound like a Wimp Democrat to me.
Pakistan has asked that the drone fliers be stopped. It is our ally, but the orders keep continuing from the top to go out with the drones!
The author of the article calls it a sick fascination with plastic warfare. Seems to me like we might have a Wasp in the White House.
On the other hand, is this an insidious plan by an Obama plant in the news media to suggest to us more conservative ilk that the President has some deep down and dirty Texas Ranger type playboy in him?
He, the president, is working through the CIA secretly pushing the button to kill like playing a video game! Both sound absurd, but maybe.... Dun, Dun, Dun! Dun, Dun-dun! Dun, Dun-dun!

Obama Kills Teens!

The very same teens that hijacked a US ship and held a captain hostage! Seems like Wasp behavior here. You know; stinging things even if they are harmless to you.
I am sure that those starving Muslims would have eventually given up, but President Obama decided to put on his Texas Ranger britches and order them to go to their maker.
That would have sent a clear message to me that as long as President Obama is in office pirating is not a good way to enjoy the new health plan. This tells me two things about the President:
One, he is no respecter of persons based on a religious similarity. People claim that he is Muslim and not Christian. Well, if he is Muslim he demonstrated that his Country means more to him than the brotherhood of some pirates.
Detractors of course would say that he is just pontificating. "He just had those boys shot to convince us that he is not Muslim, but he is Muslim and nobody is going to think that he is not because he killed some!"
I don't know if it is worse that he would do something like that or if the media has our heads so screwy about things with the sensational headlines that cynicism is the new credo for any motive of a politician. Thanks Nixon! See, I am blaming a politician!
Two, he is not the typical Democratic president. He doesn't take flack and he will not take no for an answer! Did I hear a wasp buzzing?

The Healthcare Plan of Great Divide

The president warned that cutting the Affordable Care Act would affect millions of Medicare transactions that have occurred, which would be bad for those on Medicare. Does it matter if the law is unconstitutional though? Opponents say it all must go, but President Obama says leave the parts on Medicare. And it happened! The Justices of the Supreme Court supports the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act.
I do not want to get into the debate of morality and constitutionality but I am.Constitutionality is more important to me than morality. If the law is unconstitutional, I am not concerned with the amount of paperwork the government has to do to overturn the law. If the law were not forced through in the first place there would be no issue with its constitutionality or the morality of putting those Medicare benefits on ice to clean up the paperwork.
What a conundrum! If I force something, I don't know; say a rectangular tube into a circular hole it might not fit well! I am no conspiracy nut, but this one made me question the President and the Justices. They have spoke however and the law is law now.
Maybe the president put the country first and his career last to support a bill that would make it so that all people have healthcare access, millions of covered people.
I do not disagree with the law, only the scope and cost of its application. If Lyndon Johnson had not supported the Voter's Right Law would Black Southerners still be prevented from voting? Does that even compare to healthcare?
No, really, answer the questions because I honestly don't know enough to answer it. I just think that President Obama gets what he wants and is good at it.

Still Mourning Mitt Romney Loss

The more I think about him as president, the more prejudice I see I am. I have never listened to anything about Obama impartially though I thought I did.

I cannot bring myself to think clearly about his motives because I have Rush Limbaugh in my ear telling me he is a communist threat, or Glenn Beck in the other telling me he is a puppet--or even yet some group of Black Purist proclaiming him the new Messiah and singing praises to his name as if he were Jesus Christ!
I did not want another term. I just do not think that he should be cast as a villain when he thought it the best for the country to ram healthcare down our throats. He realized that he could not close Guantanamo Bay or bring the troops home. He started more wars than he ended.
I am so biased I cannot see any good that he has done. Tell me what good has President Obama done! I demand to know!

Decide on December 26th how many gifts to purchase per person and stick to it.

It is hard to think about right after the holidays of course. You just opened a bunch of wonderful gifts and had family from all over the world visiting and eating all of your food! The last thing you want to do is think about how you are going to do it all over again the very next day! There is a benefit in doing this, however.

The holiday glitz is gone! You are not caught up in the moment with trying to wrap anything purchasable and give it away as a present!

Your money is spent! You can budget without having to worry about imminent holiday dates approaching. It was just the day before!

Rational heads prevail when the hype of the holidays is over. Take this opportunity to  plan out a budget for things for the kids and the spouse. Plan ahead of time what items that they need and want leaving enough in the budget to satisfy the impulse-buy need that usually occurs with people when the holiday approaches.

If the spending for this years has already occurred then plan on next year to begin after you use your income tax returns, if you get any, to pay off the this year's debt.

Merry Christmas

The Health Benefits of Prayer

Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude in prayer is God's remedy to the stresses of the day. If humans pray as often as instructed by Christ, which is to pray always, then the balm of gratitude will rejuvenate always.
The mode and manner of prayer differs for each occasion. There are the formal prayers (personal, family and couple), prayers for blessing food, public prayers and many other types.
If all the prayers are being observed, we will find that we are constantly saying some type of prayer to Father in Heaven.

How is that healthy to be in constant Prayer?

Prayer Provides Physical Benefits

It is a known fact that the more time we spend meditating and ordering our thoughts the less stress interferes with our physical aging and body deficiencies.
Studies completed by the University of Rochester and Dr. Randolph Byrd of the San Francisco General Medical Centre suggest that those who participate in or are the subject of prayer tend to fare better than those who do not have that mental exercise.

Dr Chittaranjan Andrade

Dr Andrade is an experienced research methodologist with considerable expertise in statistical analysis.
Dr Andrade is an experienced research methodologist with considerable expertise in statistical analysis.
Dr. Chittaranjan Andrade of National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Bangalore concedes,
Interestingly, spiritual meditation has been found to be superior to secular meditation and relaxation in terms of decrease in anxiety and improvement in positive mood, spiritual health, spiritual experiences and tolerance to pain.
The body and the mind work together. It is a psychological fact that people of Faith have happier and more stable environments and experience less of all mental and health diseases.
The power of the mind over the body is psychological proof. Prayer fits in the category of helping us to order our thoughts and evaluate our daily actions for many of us.
We use the time to reflect on the day and evaluate our actions to see if they fit in line with our beliefs.
Asking for forgiveness or resolving to change removes stress from our lives so that we may focus on the next challenge.
Prayer leads us to move on more quickly in many instances. With less stress, we tend to look younger and become sick less often because we worry less.
Prayer helps us stay young and live longer. Prayer also motivates the body to heal itself better because of positive thinking.
Our physical bodies have a natural process to want to live coded in the DNA. Because of this drive, in many cases where science can do nothing more, prayer works.
Without faith, however, prayer is powerless; so faith must also have a large factor in prayer. Prayer also helps those with serious illness bear the burdens associated with the illnesses such as constant pain or lack of ability so that the condition does not become worse.

Prayer Provides Psychological Benefits

Prayer is a stress reliever as mentioned before, but it also helps us to focus our minds to avoid mental illness in many cases.
Since prayer is a time of reflections, for the educated at least it can help them to decide to submit to new treatments of mental disorders. Educated people of faith benefit from medical science in psychology because they tend to believe that God provides all the knowledge that man has that helps the human body.
Instead of believing in possession in all cases, they accept that it may be schizophrenia instead which leads to treatment. We then pray for the drugs to work properly giving the mental support the drugs need to flow through the system.
Also Prayer helps us to move past grief and loss, which can cause serious health complications and mental fracturing. I know frompersonal experience how such things can occur. Long-term health issues and loss can crush the human spirit if there is no avenue for the individual to overcome the situation by looking beyond the money. Some times all prayer can do is help the person remain in the moment without giving over to it.
When we have a problem, we run to God in prayer. He is a constant parent and source of psychological health. He is, for most Christians, a source of unyielding acceptance and trust. He may not remove our trial, but He will listen and comfort us to help those of us who have faith to accept our situation to see the good in a bad situation.
Most importantly prayer requires humility. Humility teaches us to accept Gods will. The willingness to accept His will can prevent us from overreacting to situations that would otherwise cause great mental and physical harm. Prayer fuels the faith of the each person who believes to have the power to accept any situation.

Kenneth Pargament, Ph.D

An internationally recognized leader in psychology and religion, begins his tenure as Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence at the Institute for Spirituality and Health
An internationally recognized leader in psychology and religion, begins his tenure as Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence at the Institute for Spirituality and Health
Frazier is a leading investigator in three broad areas: causal explanations for traumatic events, post-traumatic stress, and personal growth after trauma.
Frazier is a leading investigator in three broad areas: causal explanations for traumatic events, post-traumatic stress, and personal growth after trauma.
B.S. in Psychology, University of Wisconsin, Madison Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, University of Minnesota
B.S. in Psychology, University of Wisconsin, Madison Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, University of Minnesota
Source: Andrew Tix
Psychologist Kenneth Pargament, PhD, of Bowling Green State University reveals the following:
The research is showing that spiritual dimensions brought into therapy can add something distinctive to health and well-being. "People ask, 'Is religion just another version of a healthy social support or a positive system of meaning?' We're finding that there's something special about the religious dimension that cannot be easily reduced to traditional psychological constructs.
He references the research completed by Patricia Frazier and Andrew Tix, PhD, other psychologist who work at the University of Minnesota that indicates that patients having kidney transplants who appeal to God or some supreme power for support had greater satisfaction in life after the surgery than those who did not as reported by Karen Kersting of the Monitor.
There is not empirical proof that prayer directly heals withing science, but there is evidence that such mental focus aids in the battling of disease and outlook. The mind is connected to the body and controls the process that maintains the body. Mentally focused individuals do have positive affects on the healing process of both mental and physical maladies.

Prayer is a Source of Self-Actualization

Carl Rogers taught that concept of actualization when we have some one who is the source of unconditionally positive regard. This means that no matter how criminal, foul or evil the person, someone loves that person unconditionally lacking judgement. It is amazing the therapeutic nature to have one person, even if the person is yourself, to love and regard you no matter what you may or may not do or be.
We can approach God in the same hope! He loves us and cares for us no matter our circumstances and will never turn us away. though ultimately He will judge us, but not as the world judges. No matter how much we may think otherwise, He always hears and answers our earnest prayers, always! No matter the vilest sinner we may be, He will still accept our words and give us comfort if we seek. No, He does not take away the punishment if we are wrong or prevent the trial if it will help us grow, but He will always love and accept us as we are no matter how far we may fall from His grace.
Knowing that we have someone like Him in our corner throughout life gives us a confidence that there is hope, even when there appears to be none left.

The Science of Religion

Alternative View

All people view things from a self-centered point of view. It is customary for all people to view the world from within the cultural context from which he or she comes. It is not a crime; it is the way humans evolves from the tiny germ in the womb to a fully functioning adult. It is not sin to learn and progress.
Imagine stepping outside of the ease of self-perspective and into a macro-perspective--thinking from other people's point of view. See things how others might see them. Even then those things are seen how the person trying the experiment thinks that another person would see those things--but it is a start.
Step further away from the familiar and start to explore the seemingly knowable and ordinary things. They become new and hardly understood things at all. How does the body really move? Is there some scientific explanation for a spirit?

Perspective of Sol

The perspective from which this article is written is that of an observer of the greater mysteries of the universe though that perspective is shrouded in the psycho-religious perspective of the author. The purpose of the author, me, is to introduce the idea that science and religion are one in the same in perfection and modern science and religion are far from perfect.
The things revealed currently are sufficient to have a great understanding of the relationship between science and religion if there are factors that persuade personal investigation and open minds.
First must be understood the perspective of Sol. Earth is in what is called the Sol Solar System of the Milky way. Without delving explicitly into the astronomical aspects of the universe, it is understood that Earth is not the center of the universe or even the center of the galaxy. Earth is located on the inner rim of a region of space called the Orion Arm in the Milky Way Galaxy.
With this bit of knowledge reason dictates that there are other places in the galaxy with planets and stars that are suns in far flung regions and approaching the center, not to mention the other galaxies! Logic also considers the possibility of life on other planets.

The Sol System

True Religion and True Science are the same

Religions is a manifestation of science that is based on the powerof faith rather than proof. Science and religion are not two different things. Humankind has not yet learned to see the connection between the true institution of heaven and the tangible realities of the five senses of man.
Random chance did not organize the universe and leave it to its on devices. Chaos does not create order in any degree, on any planet and in any experiment.
Modern science is a faith-based religion that preys on those who seek understanding without a divine source. Exclude a deity, but believe science until the next fact becomes outdated with new knowledge.
Modern religion has evolved to accept many of the realizations of the society of science, such as carbon dating and other tools used to measure the age of the earth.

Faith of Science

"Miracles are commonly regarded as occurrences in opposition to the laws of nature. Such a conception is plainly erroneous, for the laws of nature are inviolable. However, as human understanding of these laws is at best but imperfect, events strictly in accordance with natural law may appear contrary thereto. The entire constitution of nature is founded on system and order." (quote by James E. Talmage from DAVID H BAILEY)
Modern science as it stands cannot explain most things and creates more questions than it does answers. Scientist expects society to take theories as facts rather than beliefs based on assumptions that can be proven by experimentation.
The Theory of Evolution for one is a possibility, but it cannot be proven and there is no evidence that it occurred anywhere on this planet. The assumption is that a mutation changed some of the animals but not all of the same kind of animal.
This example of the faith of science does not diminish the teaching of evolution as a possible factor. Evolution could have occurred on a different planet, but there is no evidence it occurred on Earth. Yet, most non-religious and religious people accept it as a fact.

Interesting Perspective

The senses are not what they appear to be if thought of deeply. There is only one sense, that of touch for all things touch the body to work.
  1. Sound waves touch the canals of the ears that translate into differing vibrations of the ear drum.
  2. Light waves touch the eyes to produce bio-electrical energy to stimulate the brain to produce images.
  3. Molecules float through the air and enter the nose touching follicles connected to taste as well to send the brain information of how certain ingested materials relate to our anatomy.
When perspectives change to encounter the familiar an entirely new thought process ensues.

Religious Limits

Religion limits the truths that can be shared with humanity because of the intolerance that has crept into it over years of abuse and lack of inspiration. Any religious teaching that defies the natural order of the cycles of nature that are in place is false.
It is a bold statement, but it is true. Religion that does not accept proven scientific developments has failed its disciples and corrupted their spiritual paths to divinity.
Most religions teach of a divine being or universal presence to some degree; however, these same religions limit what this being or presence can and will do based on tradition, culture, and prejudice.
It is easier for humanity to accept a deity that does not concern itself with the daily activities of men and women. This way, no matter what activity pursued, people are free to indulge unabated.
Religion only supports the ideas that conform to its many creeds and acceptance of a deity through the process of those creeds. However, true faith does not shackle its God with preconceptions, but accepts information that flows as it is needed called revelation.
The Prophet of True Science
Hundreds of years ago, scientific information was given to a great man who sought to learn wisdom. He was taught about the planets and stars and their rotations. He was also shown many planets called earth which were peopled with humans, but only the earth upon which he stood was he given specific information.
But only an account of this earth, and the inhabitants thereof, give I unto you. For behold, there are many worlds that have passed away by the word of my power. And there are many that now stand, and innumerable are they unto man; but all things are numbered unto me, for they are mine and I know them.... And as one earth shall pass away, and the heavens thereof even so shall another come; and there is no end to my works, neither to my words. Moses 1:35, 38
The above words are the words Jehovah spake to Moses. Moses sought the Lord and found Him. As a reward, Jehovah revealed the truths about the universe and the number of worlds that have passed, currently exist, and yet to be!
We are not alone in the universe according to the testimony of Moses. The stars in the heavens potentially have planets called earth near them with people just like those found on this Earth. The people on those planets are children of God also. God continues to produce earths and people them and His works do not end.
That is the great scientific mystery answered. Man is not alone in the universe. God has spaced His children far enough apart that each do not have the technology to contact each other, but He knows where they are and how to reach them and reveal truths to them as they are needed.

Faith Is The Power

Faith is the basic building block of all thought. It is ingrained in every human being to have faith in something from the very time he or she comes into existence and views the world. Young children express faith explicitly in their parents and teachers. Their faith is pure and undaunted.

The first fruit of belief is faith.

In Holy Scripture it is recorded where a missionary went among a group of people who felt they had nowhere or way to worship God.
This missionary, Alma told the people he would show them a place and how to worship God if they could exercise faith enough to listen to his words and try an experiment on his teachings. Faith to try would be enough to begin. Alma taught those people that they did not have to believe what he would teach, but have the necessary faith to listen at least to what he taught so they could make a value judgment as to the veracity of it before accepting it or rejecting it. Said Alma,
if ye will awake and arouse your faculties, even to an experiment upon my words, and exercise a particle of faith, yea, even if ye can no more than desire to believe, let this desire work in you, even until ye believe in a manner that ye can give place for a portion of my words. (Alma 32:27)
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland adds during the April 2013 General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints after relating the story in the scripture about Jesus apostles not being able to heal a man's son, whose father then appeals to the Lord with partial but strong faith,
When those moments come and issues surface, the resolution of which is not immediately forthcoming, hold fast to what you already know and stand strong until additional knowledge comes. “Lord, I Believe”
Elder Diebter F. Uctforf reminded the faithful during the Saturday morning session of the October 2013 Conference to doubt their doubts and never doubt their faith, reiterating Hollands counsel to "hold fast to" that to in which they already have faith. Said he,
It’s natural to have questions—the acorn of honest inquiry has often sprouted and matured into a great oak of understanding. There are few members of the Church who, at one time or another, have not wrestled with serious or sensitive questions. One of the purposes of the Church is to nurture and cultivate the seed of faith—even in the sometimes sandy soil of doubt and uncertainty. Faith is to hope for things which are not seen but which are true.
Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters—my dear friends—please, first doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith. We must never allow doubt to hold us prisoner and keep us from the divine love, peace, and gifts that come through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Come, Join with Us

Faith represents the blocks of building a testimony of action.

First, before anything can occur, information must be presented. The information must then be processed and turned into understanding. Understanding becomes belief or disbelief--hopefully the former if the information is good. Belief then becomes the blocks of faith.
Source: Mormon Channel: Faith in Action

Faith also leads to action.

As information is processed into belief and then faith, that simple trust in that information becomes a power to act. Faith moves individuals to do mighty feats of power and courage. Faith urges mothers to raise children in this society because mothers believe that they can help the child amount to some greatness. This belief turns to faith that gives them the power to nurture their children.

Faith Provides Motivation

Faith provides the motivation for athletes to train vigorously so that when the competition comes they will perform to the best of their ability and achieve the next level of hope. Not that faith will grant the champion a win, but it motivates the challenger to try and the hope to succeed.
The actuality, the journey from information to action in faith produces the benefit of experiences that deepen the hope of the person within the thing he or she believes.

This hope and experience provides a bulwark of stability in the minds of the individual willing to act on his faith. This faith grows to the point of expectation, rather than just hoping because experience teaches that the outcome will occur if the work is put into the belief.

That outcome gratifies the believer to the point where it creates a direct behavioral path that continues to reward the executioner.

Faith without works is void, because faith alone is nothing but mere belief.

True faith leads to action. Faith without works produces no hope, only mental atrophy of the belief system. When a daunting situation comes upon the believer who does not act on his beliefs, he is subdued and overpowered. 

In Holy Scripture, it is recorded that the devils believe; but have no faith to act on the belief because they are fallen. If mere belief cannot save a devil whose experience is more than mere belief, but knowledge of the divinity of great things, then what does the believer, who bears no witness of his faith, to think? He is no better off than the demons when it comes to hope and salvation.

To be faithful, people must be doers as well as believers.

Trouble Don't Last Always!

There is a gospel song that I love that I have not heard in a long time that talks about hope and faith in good. You guessed it if you thought Trouble Don't Last Always. I know that it is not correct English, but the message is correct.

Trouble or trials come to all of us not matter how it may be packaged. We receive all the right trials to help us endure life and overcome them as better people. 

How we approach those trials, endure those trials and overcome those trials testifies to our integrity as people.

It is general among many Christians that God will not put anything more on us than we can bear. What I think we forget to consider is the catch to that is we must bear it in righteousness depending on the Lord; otherwise, our trials can swallow us and consume our lives.

As I am in the midst of my own trials along with many other of my brothers and sisters around the globe, it is easy to be selfish and think my woes are greater or more important than are others. Though my trials are more important to me because my trials are my burden to bear, God equally considers all of our trials and is willing to help us all equally endure them so that we can learn how to become like him. Now, this is my belief and it comforts me. Notice I typed that God will help us endure instead of remove.

We are not in control of what happens to us in life, but we are in control of how we respond to it. We can be bitter and full of hate. We can be depressed and sorrowfully mourn out our days. We can be patient and accept reality. We decided how to handle the situation.

Joseph of Egypt is my hero. He took every bad situation and turned it into a blessing for all involved. He prospered his master’s house as a slave. He prospered the prison as an inmate. He guided and prospered a nation as an adviser—all because he decided to take control of how he responded to his trials rather than letting his trial dictate to him how he should respond.

I want to be like Father Joseph. I have a legacy to live up to, a spiritual heritage as a Christian to learn to make the best of what life throws my way. Trouble don't last always so we should endure it well.

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