By Rod Johnson

Rodric believes Moroni included special instruction for Modern times and wants to share his unique perspective the same way Moroni shared in The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ.

Minimum Wage Hikes Create the New Slavery: Poverty

In the great state of Arizona Proposition 206 passed which raises the minimum wage and dictates mandatory sick days for workers. I understand the mandatory sick days and agree with that part of the proposition.
This IS wealth redistribution. The Government is trying to get the companies to cut costs in management instead of the little guy, the minimum wage earner. The problem with this is, why? I know as a business owner I would not keep my minimum wage laborers, my LEAST valued employees, at the expense of my income drivers--sellers, managers, supervisors, executives and such. Without them, there is no company! The reason why the minimum wage laborers are expendable is they have no value other than a cog in the machine to a company. Positions with minimum wage compensation are meant as platforms or springboards to higher paying and more important jobs. Move on, people! The minimum wage was not meant to be the end, but the beginning. I can replace minimum wage earners. They are NOT that important because they are easily irreplaceable.
As a Christian, it sounds harsh to admit that a person whose only contribution to the company is to mop floors or bag grocery is less important financially. It does not mean that they are less valuable as people—never. It means that the company values THEIR SERVICE less.
My arm is valuable to me. I would absolutely HATE to lose it under any circumstance because it would hurt and cripple my ability to do physical things. If I had to choose between keeping my arm or securing my life, goodbye arm! I can live with one arm, but I don’t want to do it. My arm is important to me. Employees are valuable to companies not matter their position, but some are more critical than others. I cannot live without my head. I cannot live without my nasal cavity or heart. Sure, there are EXCEPTIONS to the rule. People survive with brain matter missing. People have heart replacements. THE RULE, however, remains. Most will NEVER be exceptions.
As a business owner, which I am hoping to one day be, I would go overseas with my company if I could. I would not blame any business for leaving the States to keep costs down.

I do not believe in forced wealth redistribution. 

I even thought about cutting cost by asking the more valuable employees to take a pay decrease to keep the minimum wage workers who do the least desirable jobs. No. Just because I care about people does not mean I will stop rewarding my employees who merit it. I do NOT agree that people who lack the ambition to rise above their circumstances should get something for nothing. I do support taking a pay decrease to save the company when necessary. The proposition has created necessity by infringing on the efforts of business owners. That is the beginning of communism. Can someone remember the USSR, please!
I started watching undercover boss recently. Many people, good people are working in low paying jobs. They struggle to make ends meet, but they work. These people are stuck because of life circumstances, handicap, or tragedy. In this show, the leaders of the companies decided to improve things for their workers, not by mandate from the government. Now I understand why the Founding Fathers did not trust the American people to vote directly for the president of the United States. Thank God this is a republic and not a real democracy.
If I am not mistaken, South Africa is a true democracy. If they decide to become a kingdom, all they have to do is have a majority vote. Thank heaven we don’t have that here!
I am poor, disabled, and earning beneath my potential. But I will be damned if I want the government to pay me to stay mediocre or less. What message does that send my kids? Rewarding people who do not try to excel does not help them. It creates a people who think only to rise above if someone gives them a handout. People want to help people who help themselves because it shows that the investment in the person they helped will amount to something.

The Principle of Truth

The truth of the matter is a handout is sometimes needed. I know I have received many handouts. But if that is all there is, just a handout, a culture of entitlement rises and fewer people exist to drive the market. I am a Christian man who believes in helping people. A true follower of Christ will provide a shelter for the homeless, food for the hungry, clothes for the naked, and comfort for the weary. HOWEVER, not in perpetuity. Even Jesus requires us to repent to benefit from His sacrifice for us. Just because He has the Grace to give does not mean He will not allow people to go to hell who do not meet his qualifications for heaven.
We have made it harder in Arizona to support ourselves, our poor. All the prices will rise over time, but they don’t have too. We have become accustomed to the idea that inflation has to be! It does not. WE cause it to occur by electing the proposition to support inflation. The system does not have to increase. The dollar does not have to decrease. Unfortunately, I am only one voice.
I want to be wealthy one day. Whether I reach that goal or not, I don’t want the government or voters to infringe on my dreams. Alas, my words are tinkling in people’s ears. We have made the choice. Every person who has earned a pay increase above minimum wage has been slapped in the face whether they realize it or not.
All minimum wage earners are slaves to what the government thinks of them now. Only the government can help them rise up. The government CAN help, but it will destroy so many by hiking up the minimum wage. I believe in government involvement, but this is not good. We need to find a way to overturn this through the courts like same gender marriage propositions. I get to marry any adult human, but I cannot pay his or her worth in skills without the government deciding it for me. Seems unfair. Rant over.