By Rod Johnson

Rodric believes Moroni included special instruction for Modern times and wants to share his unique perspective the same way Moroni shared in The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ.

Get to the Real Issue. Look Beyond Appearances.

I went to the Urgent care for help with a leg swollen three times its normal size. The urgent care doctor sent me straight to the emergency room, who sent me to admittance for my blood pressure. 

For three days my blood pressure was uncontrolled. I keep telling the nurses that the pain in my leg could be causing it. They ignored me because I was a diabetic.  They assumed that I was eating poorly.

The truth was I did not eat. The pain had caused me such grief that for two weeks I did not eat very much. Yeah, this was two weeks in the making before the last seven days of those two weeks became unbearable.

I prayed that I would not leave that hospital until they found out what was wrong with me and allowed myself to rest. Soon, my wife called the nurse to check out my foot and leg. The nurse was alarmed and called a wound doctor. He was alarmed and called three other specialist. Dr. Nwarfor saved my leg as he made a unilateral decision to operate against the other doctors advice because all the test returned inconclusive.

When he sliced into my flesh, he found what he suspected, dying flesh and dead flesh filled with fluid--necrosis. Pictures were taken and therapy began. I ended up in a nursing home because of the wound and intravenous antibiotics.

God answered my prayers to open the doctors' eyes to heal me. I am in recovery and the battle was not over. I still had a nodule on my lung to think about, but I can deal with one trial at a time.

At the same time, my spiritual wounds were nursed as the doctors worked to heal my body. God healed my heart and rewarded my faith by answering my petitions. No one listened to me when I cried because I have one of those faces that shows little discomfort at pain. If I show any discomfort, it is major pain indeed. It took an act of God to get attention to my needed area.

Just because someone does not look like they are in pain, does not mean it is true. Many of us are nursing hidden wounds of offense or heartache. All we need is for some person to listen to the whispering of heaven to know who to go and help nurse back to health. The grass may look green on the other side, but the roots may be weak.

The moral of this story is never dismiss a plea for help or judge a plea because it does not look like a desperate enough plea. Like me, someone's look of desperation may not be very evident at a glance.

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