By Rod Johnson

Rodric believes Moroni included special instruction for Modern times and wants to share his unique perspective the same way Moroni shared in The Book of Mormon.

The Good Samaritan From Tucker, GA

While living in the Powder Springs Ward, I had the responsibility and opportunity to receive what is called a food order from the bishop for two families one being mine. In Tucker, near Atlanta, there is a Bishops Store House where people of any faith can be recommended by a bishop to get basic items to sustain the family.I provided the transportation, and filled the orders for both of our families.
In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we have a system of welfare to assist the indigent members of the church and those who fall on hard times. Through an intimate process, members meet bishops privately to discuss the type of assistance needed and for how long. The bishop and the Relief Society president of the local congregation of the member work together to produce a plan of self-sufficiency.

This is a replica of my Escort
Source: Car Gutus
We owned a Ford Escort

At the time, we owned a Ford Escort that I drove 1 hour to Tucker where the actual building is located--a suburb of Atlanta. The night before taking that car,I felt impressed not to drive it for the long trip, because of mechanical problems the car has had at that time. I owned another vehicle, but the Escort is what I preferred to drive.
I could only describe my feeling as joyous on the way there. I did not have to worry about my family having proper sustenance because the bishop took care of the problem. This was during a time when gas that I purchased was less than two dollars a gallon! The drive there was uneventful.
This is a replica of my Escort
Source: James Dolan
The excitement began when the Escort was filled to the brim with groceries from the Bishop's Store House. I wrote excitement. It is the type of excitement that no one would appreciate. Everything was about to go wrong and become very eventful.

What signaled for me that misfortune was come is the tire went flat.

I figured it no problem. I would just go to the nearest gas station and put more air in the tire.
The tire unfortunately, had completely deflated before I reach the nearest gas station forcing me to pull over at a school to change the tire. I removed all the food from the hatch trunk, only to fine out that the tire iron was missing.
I thought I could just scream, but I did not. I loaded the groceries into the trunk again and went farther on the now destroyed tire to a Chevron Gas Station I saw on the way to the store house. As I pulled up a greasy man whisked by with the words, “We are closed,” apathetically leaving his mouth.
Yet, I did not let expletives form in my mind! I coached myself to remain calm though I was aghast! Here I was, hours away from home in a strange city at 7:30 pm, and the gas attendant says the station is closed. I told him I had a flat tire. He did not care. I at least expected him to allow me to borrow a tire iron, but he would not oblige,
"Some air please can I use" I petitioned and he agreed! He, however, failed to mention that when the station closes air pressure also shuts off. I parked my car at an insurance office next to the station and followed directions to a store given by another attendant at the gas station. I walked about a half-mile or almost a kilometer to the store just to find it closed.
I said a quick prayer and noticed an Advanced Auto Shop further down the street in the opposite direction. I entered that store confident I would be on my way. To my dismay, I only had $9 in my pocket and the tool I needed cost 10 dollars. I felt as deflated as the tire following that.

The technician behind the counter kindly searched my vehicle on the computer and matched his personal tire iron to my car.

He told me I could borrow the tool, but I must bring it back or God would get me! For some strange reason I showed him my Temple Recommend to assure him I would deal honestly with him. I doubt he knew for what purpose I showed my recommend. He gave me a peculiar look and shook his head in ascent as I went about my way with his gift.
I walked the long way back only to see a tow truck leaving with a car that resembled my Escort in every detail! My heart sank and I wanted to cry. Of course, I did not cry encouraging myself saying, you are a big Black man walking down the street in a shirt and tie with a tire iron, get it together. I have no idea why, but that stopped the tears.
Luckily, for me, some other poor soul's car rode atop the hauler. I prepared all the equipment to get the tire changed only for disappointment. The tire iron did not fit the car tire bolts! I blamed the Chevron Station and vowed never to go to that company for business. Then I put the blame on myself where it belonged for forgetting to place the tire iron in the car in the first place.
I did not know what else to do so I prayed again. I specifically asked God to send someone to rescue me from my then dilemma. After I prayed, the Spirit instructed me to stand outside of my car and wait, just stand there.
I was fine with that because I would not have been content with sitting in the car and waiting, my mind was racing with the issue of getting the iron back to the gracious man in the store and getting the food to its destination in a timely manner. I stood for too many minutes then began to question the wisdom of standing there.
I thought to myself “Who of all these people going by will be touched by the spirit to help me.
It was dark out and I am Black man in a strange city. I thought the stereotype of being Black would discourage anyone but a Black person to help me. I was wrong, and the Lord tried to tell me. The Spirit told me that the person that would assist me would be unlikely to me. I assumed that a police officer would stop or something.

Each time I saw a tow truck, I took notice of it.

After standing near my car so long, I grew antsy and the spirit told me to walk back to the Store. Again, my heart sank at the idea--thinking of the long walk. I also reasoned the usefulness for me waiting, standing outside my car?
I shrugged it off thinking that it must have been necessary for some reason. I obediently obeyed the impression. The spirit directed me down a strange road, which I almost did not go because I am unfamiliar with Tucker, GA. I detested walking so far! To my surprise, I did not have to walk far at all! The road the spirit directed me to take took me to another street that led straight to Advanced Auto Shop.
With all the emotional uncertainty and nervous energy pent within me, I felt so grateful to get to the shop in such a short time. I noticed a tow truck in front of the shop and it reminded me that the person that helped me would not be a likely candidate in my estimation.

Once inside I related my mournful tale.

The clerk that lent me the tire iron then spoke to a customer about me as I returned his worthless though appreciated tool. I went to purchase some fix-a-flat because I knew I could not afford another tire iron.
The customer, a small, wiry White man, with tough dirty hands and dirty clothes told the clerk he would help me. I did not pay much attention to his answer because both the customer and the clerk seemed to be saying, “I would help, but…” in their responses.
I was so sure I would be walking home that night. I determined not to call my wife to come and get me because by this time, it was 9 pm and my kids were in bed. I asked the clerk to direct me to the Washroom and upon my return, which was brief; the customer who agreed to help me with my car tire issue had left the store.
I thought to myself, “I knew he wouldn't help me.” I proceeded to the counter to purchase the fix-a-flat.
With a puzzled look the clerk said, “What are you doing. The guy said he would help you. He will at least give you a ride back to the Chevron station and let you use his tire iron.”
“Oh,” I said surprised and delighted.
“Go on,’ the clerk insisted. “You don’t need that stuff,” he said referring to the fix-a-flat. “You have a spare. Go on, you’re holding my man up. He’s helping you!”
I rushed out to his vehicle and discovered it to be the tow truck! The man took me to my car with friendly conversation the entire way. He told me the clerk is a good friend of his. When we arrived at the car, the man changed my tire for me, and saw me safely off. I was impressed with this man! He smelled of cigarettes and oil, and was dingy, but his help was free and heart was full of goodwill.
He told me, “You’re good to go sir,” and gave me his business card when I asked his name, Mr. Lee Roberts.

After entering my car, a vision occurred to me while I pulled away from the insurance building.

I saw the reason the God instructed me to stand outside of my car and wait so long. God took into consideration that in my then nervous state I would worry myself to sickness unless I stood up and breathe in the fresh air around me outside the car.
I had to wait because if I had taken off at that time I would have made it to the shop before Lee showed, and missed my rescuer. I saw that my rescuer was someone who I would not expect, a cigarette smoking tow truck driver!
I thought that I should introduce Lee to the gospel, but the spirit told me, “Not now,” for him. He then helped me to see how someone unseemingly to me could show God’s mercy without making the covenants that I made. I understood that before, but now I have a witness that God works through who is available and willing, no matter their station in life or their faith.
Though Lee has no authority to officiate in ordinances, he has charity, which is the greatest of all gifts from God. Though a man may have revelations, and prophesy of great things, and command things in God’s holy name, except he has charity, he is nothing, and will not abide the Lord at the last day. Like the Good Samaritan, Lee stopped to help me when my soul was broken and in despair.
The spirit let me know that now was my time to receive a blessing at the hands of another, and not seek to bless at that time. Because of his kindness, he has won my business with his Tow Truck Company if ever I need such.
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