By Rod Johnson

Rodric believes Moroni included special instruction for Modern times and wants to share his unique perspective the same way Moroni shared in The Book of Mormon.

Zimmerman Kills a Teen and Saves a Family!

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The Heroics

Old news is still news. Multiple reports confirm the George Zimmerman, a man famous for his self defense and killing of teen, Trayvon Martin has participated in an act of heroism in conjunction with another person to save a family of four after a car accident.
The Seminole Sheriff Department confirms that and overturned SUV with four victims were saved by two men and identified Zimmerman as on of them. Zimmerman did not witness the accident according to sources, but he ran to the rescue.

Good Samaritan?

Does this act of Good Samaritan proportions say anything about the character of the man accused in public opinion as a murderer? The problem with judging people based on limited perception is that no notice is paid to the other aspects of a person's life.
Zimmerman is known as the Trayvon murderer, though he was acquitted, so people villainize him to be some racist monster of malevolent proportions! He is not. There are other parts of Zimmerman that are very human and very familiar. Helping to save that family is evidence of that!
Or is it a ploy to clean up his public image. Did he really get away with murder and is trying to warm his way into the hearts of the American public, specifically the Black American community by showing his heroic side?

Hero or Zero

Some people may earnestly believe Zimmerman showed up at the scene with the opportunity in his mind to help save those people so that he can get some good press, which would be fine for him since he needs the good press. It may have also been in his heart that he could get the good press while doing something that really saved the lives of other people, a mutually beneficial rescue.
With all of the negative media Zimmerman has received over time since that fateful day in February of 2012 that any positive attention, even if staged will turn some of the public in his favor. His life was threatened by terroristic type organizations and people from around the country for a crime he was not charged with--and he is arraigned by the media and the nation, even the president weighed in!
He needs an infusion of positive news. The twists that follow will be of interest. He may appear on some talk shows or give exclusive interviews to show his hero complex--he did follow Trayvon because he appeared to be suspicious since break-ins in the gated community occurred at the time by people fitting Martin's description.
He may do a movie to explain his tragic or not so tragic past. He may disappear and never be heard from again. the possibilities are out there. The Black community has misplaced hate for this Latino/White man and needs a scapegoat for a sacrifice. Zimmerman, watchout.

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