By Rod Johnson

Rodric believes Moroni included special instruction for Modern times and wants to share his unique perspective the same way Moroni shared in The Book of Mormon.

President Barack H. Obama: Is He Still The People's Choice?

The election is over and tears of joy and sorrow have been shed. President Barack H. Obama is the choice that we Americans have chosen to lead our country. Mitt Romney gave it a good run and the race was close. President Obama was the better choice.
There have been and are bitter feelings by many. There are and have been people who refuse to support the president because they are blinded by their own pride.
Many of us of faith prayed that God would help the best man for the presidency win. Look who God chose to win! I surely did not expect it to be the president, but it is him!
For what special purpose did God answer our prayers by allowing the president to win again? Is this going to usher in some great calamity like many extremist predict and God chose the right person to assist that inevitability? Are we meant to become financially inferior and dependent on China like many conservatives feared?
Or, could this truly be a time for America to blossom and come from under the umbrella of crisis? Lately, things are improving in the economy! These years with the president may not be what we think.

President Obama revealed in his victory speech that he looks forward to sitting down with Mitt Romney...
President Obama revealed in his victory speech that he looks forward to sitting down with Mitt Romney...
Source: US Weekly

Romney Helped The President

Mitt Romney helped to provide the president with solutions to the problems we have in America. If they were not pointed out before clearly enough for the President and his cabinet to discover, Mitt made a list along with suggestions on how to handle that list of problems.
The wonderful thing about election is that many great ideas come out of the box. Now, President Obama plans to raise taxes and we for certain have The Affordable Healthcare Plan. There is no doubt about this. He said so during his campaign. I am not happy about the healthcare plan, but there is little I can do about that now.
Mitt suggested how we can become energy independent and unite with other American nations to increase our competitiveness President Obama now has the idea to extend the olive branch of business to South America and unite the continents in energy independence.
He said that he believes in increasing our independence. He does not have to worry about reelection. He can more clearly focus on improvement in the nation without the stress of losing a term.
The President hopefully will decide to make moves to unite the divided nation and give the ideas of both parties a earnest go. It may be happening to some degree. That is what I was praying for when I asked for the best man to win, though I did not vote for him.
I support the President of the United States
I support the President of the United States

Heal The Hurt

In his speech, President Obama said that he is going to sit down with Mitt Romney and see how best we can help this country. When he said that, my heart leaped. I knew that God had answered my prayers. I was hurt because I do not agree with the President's politics on certain issue, but I can agree with a man who has spoken healing words to unite us. I had been converted to supporting Obama!
I still have not heard about that sit down meeting--doesn't mean that it did not happen, but I wonder.
Still, I do not agree with his politics on certain issues, but I don't have to if he will be willing to work with us on the things that unite us. Let us join together and work to heal our nation. Heal the rifts.
Because I am a Black man, I have been berated for supporting my ideas and voting against a Black President. I have lived through the accusations that he was not a real Black man.
I have been appalled by the people who worship him as the savior of America in comparison to Jesus Christ and making songs of praise about him. I have hurt because of this, but I also have hope that President Obama will work with Congress to put us on track. He will do as Bill Clinton did and meet us in the middle. I am still waiting for Congress to work with the President.
We will take care of our troops when they return, when they ever return. It seems like Mr. President has started three wars after the one war in Afghanistan. We owe the troops their support.
Call it socialism or not, they should not have to worry about gaining employment or finding a place to live. When the president said that, I was more persuaded that he would be my president too. He will represent all Americans. I am still waiting for that also.
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