By Rod Johnson

Rodric believes Moroni included special instruction for Modern times and wants to share his unique perspective the same way Moroni shared in The Book of Mormon.

Obamacare, I Do Not have to like it!

Health Plans

I subscribed to the President Obama channel on Youtube and the Mitt Romney channel before the elections.
I wanted to give this a fair go since I am a Mormon and a Black person.
I did not want to vote for someone based on color or religion, which for me I win either way if I am petty--and I am sometimes; so I won.
Well, I thought I did at first anyway.
I went to President Obama's channel first and listened carefully to his campaign video against Governor Romney.
I was frustrated as many like me will be upon watching the video. When the people started saying how similar the plan for Massachusetts and the National appear I wanted them to show me how they were similar instead of just talking about it. I like to be informed. I did not get that from this channel or the website.
I started to get suspicious when every pro-President Obama site I went to did not give me much information about anything. I was assaulted by"Join the Team" before I could even view his policy.
This put me off. The new Healthcare Law or Obamacare will not be repealed because our commander in chief is here four more years and the supreme court has upheld its legal basis, I have to really accept my fate of socialized healthcare.

I Voted For The Other Guy
I was hurt and dismayed when I found out how "similar" the health plans were and how "similarly" funded they are--and by similar I mean not similar!
I do not like to be misled. I support the Obama presidency and trusted that I would be informed and not misled now that he is still in office. I believed the info on the website until I did my own googling for a comparison.
I found that comparison; and I still am disturbed by the plan. I do not agree with how it is funded or the scope of its reach. What can we do now though?
I cannot say that I do not benefit from this plan. I just do not like it at the federal level. Why do we need healthcare at the federal level?
I can see that we want all Americans covered and the only way to do that immediately is to make it federal. The president did not want to go through each state trying to convince them to make a plan like Massachusetts did, so he made it federal!

Socialized Republic of the United States of America

Source: United States
After much debate and reading I have come to the conclusion that the plans are very similar in the application but dissimilar in construct. The President's plan requires every American to have insurance under penalty. Citizens do not have a choice whether to use the plan or not. Well, if we are in Congress we do not have to use the plan.
It strikes me odd that Congress thinks that all 300 million or so of us US citizens NEED this care except them and their families. Was this the trade-off for President Obama steamrolling this plan through? I do not have resources to talk about the companies that are exempt from this new health law, so I will not.
The good thing about the plan is that it requires insurance companies to cover people even if those people have pre-existent conditions like me. I have to fight to get coverage otherwise.
Though it benefits me in the short-run, the long- run may not prove so beneficial. This society is no longer free medically. Medicare is short some $3 billion making it hard for my mom and other elderly relatives to pay for prescriptions without additional insurance.
The plan is here to stay. I do not like it, but I can accept the fact that President Obama will improve in other areas. I am still waiting honestly. The market is improve, but that is not President Obama's doing.
I support President Obama because he is our leader. We have made our choice. It was a bad choice. We have more war and taxes just like Mitt Romney predicted--the taxes anyway, not the war.
No one dreamed that President Obama would be a warmonger. Actually, I did perceive him to be one. I just did not actually think he would do it!

I miss you George Bush
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