By Rod Johnson

Rodric believes Moroni included special instruction for Modern times and wants to share his unique perspective the same way Moroni shared in The Book of Mormon.

Let the Holy Spirit Guide: Tracting Cape Town

Elder Probst is the Malungu in the middle.
Elder Probst is the Malungu in the middle.
Cape Town is an exciting city. Anything you find in a large city in the USA and UK you can find in and around Cape Town. As a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serving in that city of social gold, I was about finding souls.

Elder Beau Blanchard had just left the area on a new assignment. I was sad to see him go, but looked forward to the new opportunity in Elder Berkley Probst.
He came and instantly I found him to be stalwart in his pursuit of the gospel. With his drive and my experience in the area, we were looking for changes to come—and come they did! Our goal was to teach and allow the spirit to convert them to the gospel of Jesus Christ, but for months, no one accepted Baptism.

With few weeks left in my mission, and no baptisms to record since Elder Probst came, I thought I was a failure in that aspect, and I suppose I was. I think that I became preoccupied with baptizing instead of allowing the Lord to teach the people I contacted. If it wasn’t for Elder Probst…

I learned so much about loyalty and love from Elder Probst that I counted my final term with him as a part of my conversion. Elder Probst help direct my paths toward the gospel, living it and loving the people as they came—as they are. I felt content enough with his help and care.
Days before we separated, before the long plane ride home for me, we decided to tract a neighborhood, we hand not considered.
We had marginal success in teaching discussions, but still no prospects for membership. We tracted up and down several streets until we came to one street in particular that aroused our awareness. Elder Probst and I both felt drawn to a specific house on that street.

Elder Probst said, “Should we go talk to that man?” We noticed that man watched us as we went door-to-door. We began walking toward the house—towards the man who stood outside seemingly awaiting our arrival.
Me, Elder Johnson
Me, Elder Johnson
View from our flat in Cape Town "three towers"
View from our flat in Cape Town "three towers"

For Your Knowledge

TractTract-edTracting: besides meaning a large geographical area of specific land, it is a process where missionaries choose a large or small area geographically to visit the homes in that area to provide gospel teachings. Tracting is the act of knocking on doors or going door-to-door.

A tract is also a leaflet or flyer with a condensed message on it to inform people about gospel principles taught by missionaries. Missionaries usually leave tracts with people they contact while tracting or door-to-door visits..
As we approached the house, the man went inside his home quickly. We thought that was a way of saying “Go Away;” so, Elder Probst and I continued visiting the other houses, getting referrals and appointments. Eventually, we came to the house about which we initially felt impressed to visit.

We determined not to go in, but the spirit urged us forward. We ignore signs indicating a dog, which there were! A written sign warned that attack was imminent of we did enter. We took courage and entered the gate, knocked at the door and entered the home with the neat fence around it.

The family greeted us with much anticipation, the Viviers family. ! It felt like we had celebrity! The man and his wife and kids listened intently and the spirit filled their home. They drank our message! The spirit edified us and filled us because of the sharing our faith about God between us.

As we prepared to leave, the man asked, “Why did you not come to my house earlier as you started to? I saw you walking towards my house and I waited and you never came.”

We were honest. I told him, “The spirit of God led us here, but we continued on after you went inside the house. We visited your neighbors, but decided the final time to take the chance with the feeling and come to your house.”

“I saw you around the neighborhood,” he said. “I noticed that you seemed to be visiting each house and counted houses to see when you would get to my home. I wanted to know what the well dress gentlemen were doing in the neighborhood."

‘When you walked toward me, I was shocked that you changed your pattern of visiting each house. So, I rushed inside to prepare for your arrival. I was puzzled when you did not show and thought that I might have done something to cause you to go away.”

“I prayed to God that my family and I would find the truth. You are an answer to a heartfelt, which I had been praying earnestly!
He and his family thanked us profusely for sharing with them.

I went home after that experience. I don't know if that family accepted the gospel message we introduced to them or not, but I learned a good lesson: Listen to the spirit as He directs.

That time, Elder Probst and I were lucky enough for the person to still be available when we finally got around to heeding the prompting to see him, but often if we fail to listen to the promptings of the Spirit, we may lose the opportunity.

We should act, and trust the Lord will see us through. After all, we share in HIS work. We did not find many baptisms in my last area, but we did find treasures in people.

Cape Town Truly is a place to find souls. I believe that Elder Probst and I helped plant the seeds of the gospel in the lives of the members of that family. We felt impressed to go there. We left impressed with the way the spirit directed us.

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