By Rod Johnson

Rodric believes Moroni included special instruction for Modern times and wants to share his unique perspective the same way Moroni shared in The Book of Mormon.

The Character of the Second Term of Barack H. Obama

Democrats Wimps Republicans Wasps

Of course, that is not true! But, the conservative talk media and writers definitely paint Democrats as media puppies that wilt in the sun and float away at the mere mention of war. We have been brainwashed into thinking that if we are at war we want a Republican President because those rich muddled flunkers know how to fight! At least that is what I heard. In peace, we need to have a Democrat because those snot crammed sad assets can manage the peace! That's what I heard.
After pondering President Obama's actions and utterances, I question the stereotype.

As opposed to Clone Wars

Drone Wars?

I came across a funny piece about the "private war" in Pakistan featuring drone killing machines ordered by the evil Barrack Hussein Obama to kill innocent citizens.
I am not sure how much the author embellished the president's support of the drone killings that have occurred in Pakistan, but this doesn't sound like a Wimp Democrat to me.
Pakistan has asked that the drone fliers be stopped. It is our ally, but the orders keep continuing from the top to go out with the drones!
The author of the article calls it a sick fascination with plastic warfare. Seems to me like we might have a Wasp in the White House.
On the other hand, is this an insidious plan by an Obama plant in the news media to suggest to us more conservative ilk that the President has some deep down and dirty Texas Ranger type playboy in him?
He, the president, is working through the CIA secretly pushing the button to kill like playing a video game! Both sound absurd, but maybe.... Dun, Dun, Dun! Dun, Dun-dun! Dun, Dun-dun!

Obama Kills Teens!

The very same teens that hijacked a US ship and held a captain hostage! Seems like Wasp behavior here. You know; stinging things even if they are harmless to you.
I am sure that those starving Muslims would have eventually given up, but President Obama decided to put on his Texas Ranger britches and order them to go to their maker.
That would have sent a clear message to me that as long as President Obama is in office pirating is not a good way to enjoy the new health plan. This tells me two things about the President:
One, he is no respecter of persons based on a religious similarity. People claim that he is Muslim and not Christian. Well, if he is Muslim he demonstrated that his Country means more to him than the brotherhood of some pirates.
Detractors of course would say that he is just pontificating. "He just had those boys shot to convince us that he is not Muslim, but he is Muslim and nobody is going to think that he is not because he killed some!"
I don't know if it is worse that he would do something like that or if the media has our heads so screwy about things with the sensational headlines that cynicism is the new credo for any motive of a politician. Thanks Nixon! See, I am blaming a politician!
Two, he is not the typical Democratic president. He doesn't take flack and he will not take no for an answer! Did I hear a wasp buzzing?

The Healthcare Plan of Great Divide

The president warned that cutting the Affordable Care Act would affect millions of Medicare transactions that have occurred, which would be bad for those on Medicare. Does it matter if the law is unconstitutional though? Opponents say it all must go, but President Obama says leave the parts on Medicare. And it happened! The Justices of the Supreme Court supports the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act.
I do not want to get into the debate of morality and constitutionality but I am.Constitutionality is more important to me than morality. If the law is unconstitutional, I am not concerned with the amount of paperwork the government has to do to overturn the law. If the law were not forced through in the first place there would be no issue with its constitutionality or the morality of putting those Medicare benefits on ice to clean up the paperwork.
What a conundrum! If I force something, I don't know; say a rectangular tube into a circular hole it might not fit well! I am no conspiracy nut, but this one made me question the President and the Justices. They have spoke however and the law is law now.
Maybe the president put the country first and his career last to support a bill that would make it so that all people have healthcare access, millions of covered people.
I do not disagree with the law, only the scope and cost of its application. If Lyndon Johnson had not supported the Voter's Right Law would Black Southerners still be prevented from voting? Does that even compare to healthcare?
No, really, answer the questions because I honestly don't know enough to answer it. I just think that President Obama gets what he wants and is good at it.

Still Mourning Mitt Romney Loss

The more I think about him as president, the more prejudice I see I am. I have never listened to anything about Obama impartially though I thought I did.

I cannot bring myself to think clearly about his motives because I have Rush Limbaugh in my ear telling me he is a communist threat, or Glenn Beck in the other telling me he is a puppet--or even yet some group of Black Purist proclaiming him the new Messiah and singing praises to his name as if he were Jesus Christ!
I did not want another term. I just do not think that he should be cast as a villain when he thought it the best for the country to ram healthcare down our throats. He realized that he could not close Guantanamo Bay or bring the troops home. He started more wars than he ended.
I am so biased I cannot see any good that he has done. Tell me what good has President Obama done! I demand to know!

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