By Rod Johnson

Rodric believes Moroni included special instruction for Modern times and wants to share his unique perspective the same way Moroni shared in The Book of Mormon.

Jesus Christ Similitude of Sacrifice

Garden of Gethsemane

Almost 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ was gloriously resurrected and appeared to many men and women as witness of his triumph over death. Not only did he appear to many, but many of the saints were raised from the dead also and appeared to many as a sign to all the world that what Christ taught in his short three-year mortal ministry was true!

Source: Tim
Christ fulfilled the Law of Moses by conquering that great enemy of mankind, sin, by taking all sin upon him as he suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane.


Just as the ancient priest after the order of Aaron and Levi prepared the proxy scapegoat, the proxy sin offering goat and bullock as a representation of all the sins of the people of the House of Israel in Jerusalem at the temple, Jesus was the proxy scapegoat, sin offering goat and bullock, for all the sins of the people of humankind in the Garden of Gethsemane.
Once he took upon Him those sins, He was prepared to be sacrificed as was the proxy sin offering goat upon the alter of the temple; save He was sacrificed upon the cross at Calvary.
The blood of the sin offering was sprinkled upon the mercy seat in the temple as was Christ's blood dripped from the cross to the ground at Calvary for mercy to the world and bleed from each pore in the Garden.
The bullock's sacrifice and sprinkling was to cleanse the priest performing the ordinance for the people so that he would be pure as was Christ.
He willingly submitted His life as the animals submitted theirs and the priest his in service, because had He not, all humankind would be lost. He was the last official sacrifice authorized by God the Father until the end times in that manner.
Source: William Holman Hunt
The scapegoat was borne off to an uninhabited land after the priest pronounced the sins upon the goat by laying hands upon the head of the goat to separated the sins from the people forever--never to be with them again. Christ also carried the sins of humanity never to return it to us again.
Jehovah told ancient Israel to go to the temple and offer up sacrifice as a sign of his covenant with him or be cut off from the people. This was to be a token of their devotion to him and a sign of his forgiveness as the priests burned the fat from the offerings on the alter as sweet scents to heaven.
Christians are asked to accept Christ's sacrifice and offer up their lives in service unto God as a sweet scent to heaven as they are led by preachers and pastors or be removed from the book of life.
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