By Rod Johnson

Rodric believes Moroni included special instruction for Modern times and wants to share his unique perspective the same way Moroni shared in The Book of Mormon.

Zimmerman IS Not Guilty in Court but He is Everywhere Else!


Without getting into the technicalities of the trial and the hashing back and forth about evidence and what not, the truth is: George Zimmerman is not guilty of murder.
As hard as it is for some of society to accept, the man was acquitted based on the evidence in the trial, there was reasonable doubt. The defense lawyers took advantage of that fact. Not only was there REASONABLE doubt, the prosecution aimed too high with the charges--come on! They basically handed the case over to the defense trying for second degree murder. The best they could have gotten from the evidence presented was involuntary manslaughter. That's right, INVOLUNTARY!
Truth is, people who support the Martin family do so out of racism it seems. All the comments on Facebook seem to say something about Zimmerman's racial make-up in a negative fashion--even though the guy looks Latino. His name is Zimmerman like the name of the family in the book Charlotte's Web. Unfortunately George is no pig; and no spiders are writing great words above his head to keep him from the slaughter!
In fact, the media spiders are writing things that say to the vigilante public "Come and Get Him! Tortured somewhat uh... White man to lynch!"
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The New Whites

This society has reached a point where White people are now preyed upon by the uncontained passions of minorities. Look, slavery was so long ago it took movies to get the info out like Roots, which was a book first. People would look foolish using slavery as an excuse to hurt White people seeing as how there are no slaves around (none that is known of anyway ((((conspiracy))))).
Now, if people used the Civil Rights Movement caused by the injustices against Blacks and women, at least there are still living some of the people who suffered from that era. There may be some understanding on that; though, no one has expressed any anger over that time--even those still living who went through it!
What is the prevailing cry of the day. Well, it is that White people are evil (even thought those same White people were wearing hoodies and protesting along with the other groups) and they always get off easy. Personal messages are sent between friends expressing hatred for the man Zimmerman. They don't even know him!
Blacks are different though. Blacks share angst and oppression. Slavery taught Blacks to share the grief together and it has trickled down through the generations to modern day Blacks.
"If they did it to one of us, it was to us all!"
God save the man who finds the wrath of the new "White people", the Blacks. Yes dear reader; the Blacks have become like the old Whites of the pre-Civil Rights era. If a White person steps out of line, BEAT HIM! Isn't that what the old Whites did to Blacks?
YES, it is what happened. Zimmerman, a bi-racial man, now is the hunted escaped slave. He is going to need a Harriet Tubman to the rescue--all the way to Canada. Luckily Canadians have no televisions, so he could blend in up there.
What? They do have televisions? Could have fooled me with all of them coming here to be movie stars and singers. That's another story though. Then there is no escape from public threat to Zimmerman by the new "Whites," the Black people!

Who's Yo Daddy?

Hopefully, this will die down and people will forget all the drama. Two minorities fighting and one dying in the fight would normally not make so much of a headline. In Zimmerman's case, his name betrayed his Latin heritage. It if would have been Gonzalez, there would have been no press at all.
The media did this because George Zimmerman had a White man's name. He has a Latino face, but no one cares because he is White by default because his dad is White!
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