By Rod Johnson

Rodric believes Moroni included special instruction for Modern times and wants to share his unique perspective the same way Moroni shared in The Book of Mormon.

That's the Purpose of a Gun!

Guns Don't Kill, People do?

Both do! I understand the need for people to say that slogan as it were, so that many may feel justified in denying a huge problem that we have in this country!
I am all for my Constitutional rights, but knowing my rights and upholding them still does not solve the problem that we have today--almost like a disease of people killing people using guns as the weapon of choice.
The minority communities which many are indigent and have property listed in another person's name, suffer the most from this disease. Gun play occurs so often that municipalities are not aware of it anymore!
I say this because it seems society has become numb to the fact that thousands of people die from gun play with no police closure on investigations around the nation. A killing in the projects is no more noticeable than a blink of the eye.

The gun play goes unnoticed until it spills into the contained and supposedly safe communities. I live in one of those communities and I do not feel safe anymore. Will the day come that the suburbs will also be no more than a blink of the eye with gun violence?
We need to stop it at its source, but no one has decided to put the concerted effort into doing it. If it were so, there would be all out war in the streets with criminals!
To really get the drugs and guns off the street which are illegal, we would have to start a civil war with the bad guys. Unfortunately some of the bad guys have power and prestige in society. The minorities that kill each other are just foot-soldiers. What are we to do?

Instrument of Death

People claim that guns do not kill people. What purpose does any gun have that is semi-automatic? What other purpose are guns made for than to destroy lives? Those guns are not used to hunt!

During the time that the Constitution was written, it was common for a man to hunt for his food and there existed no regularly organized police. The only way a man could protect his family was to do so with a gun.
Since that time society has evolved, but the law has not caught up with it. What purpose does having a gun serve?
The people have lost its freedom to the federal government already. Citizens cannot speak against our government or change it if they think there is a need. Even with their arms they are powerless to make changes.
On paper Americans are free, but in life they are restricted by the laws of local, state and federal government. They elected the people in office who impose many laws on them.
They then vote them into office term after term as their rights are eroded. Guns are just the next issue that will be taken from the lawful, while the unlawful, who will menace society.
Disarm the unlawful first and then have a conversation with citizens regarding the type of guns the average citizen should have. Arm the lawful! Disarm the unlawful. Obama and gun owners will be at odds if legislation is proposed and passed to disarm the lawful.
President Obama needs to support a state-led effort to rid criminal activity from the government and imprison the criminals first. Guns in the hands of criminals are more important to rid than guns in the hands of law abiding citizens. Just because a nutcase shoots up a school does not mean Americans should give up their guns.a ed
It is a horrible tragedy what happened in Newtown, Columbine and other places; however, free ownership of a gun is a necessary risk in comparison when protecting against the criminals who will still posses these ill-begotten guns. The government is doing little to disarm the criminals. In fact, it may be true that criminals influence government officials!
Americans need to protect themselves! Citizens should be allowed to choose the types of guns they want to protect themselves.
Why would fear be placed against gun owners who have permits when there are so many out in society who have no documentation? When did the good guys become bad?
Society views gun possession backwards. Supporting the passage of laws that limit the lawfulAmerican to own guns may prove the further undoing of American freedom.

And the Truth shall free set you Free! It will not control your Gun!

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