By Rod Johnson

Rodric believes Moroni included special instruction for Modern times and wants to share his unique perspective the same way Moroni shared in The Book of Mormon.

This Is Christmas

Happy Holidays

Christmas has come to mean something different in today's society than it did in the past. It is great that Christmas is observed. The real meaning of the holiday may be masked behind Santa and reindeer, however, the Spirit of Christmas has an overwhelming and undeniable affect on all who celebrate it no matter what the traditions associated with it.


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The cries to remember the REASON for the SEASON do not go unheard. Each time someone says "Happy Holidays" the first thought that comes to mind is Christmas and all the wonderful things associated with that holiday or Hanukkah--the festival of lights. Not many people think of other things during the holidays. Whether people believe in the original story of Christmas or not, the feelings during this season all around the world of brotherhood is heightened.

Commercialism takes advantage of the need to express the joy at feeling the Spirit of Christmas by advertising wondrous items at spectacular prices so that those who can will purchase and give to each other. Also, this same commercialism shares along with the products the feelings of Christmas! Each jingle that a commercial uses with a holiday tint adds to the excitement of the season. As non-important as the toys and gadgets are, the true meaning of Christmas can be found in every toy and gift to every man and women, boy and girl!

The Target and Wal-mart commercials send out the message to "come and buy" but also "be happy it is Christmas!" It is an undeniable truth, and the marketing is crafty and appropriate.


Published on Nov 16, 2012 by Kmart

One series of commercials show people in slow-motion responding to different happy situations with words "The lights the lights the lights that Light!" repeated. Immediately Hanukkah and Christmas pop into the minds depending on the person. Kwanzaa may even enter into the hearts because the feelings associate with these holidays promote the same thing, giving. Thanks to Kmart.

Mormon Tabernacle Choir - Carol Of The Bells

Commercialism is here to stay. Take the good that comes from it and ignore the bad.
Doing so will help create the proper Christmas feelings around the home and in the office.
"Happy Holidays" may be the new "Merry Christmas," but the Spirit of Christmas will not change in the love behind the words.
That same Spirit finds a way to warm the hearts of men and women that warmed the hearts of those who stood around a babe long ago in an obscure tribal village of Hebrews to look down where he lay giving gifts.
In Scripture, this babe, then an adult, taught that all men do to each other they do to HIM. The giving of gifts reflect that teaching during the Holiday Season. The truth finds a way to reach each person in a way that he or she will accept. So, let "the lights the lights the lights that light" continue to shine in the hearts of good people this Holiday Season replete with reminders from commercialism of the gift-giving and teachings of Jesus Christ.

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