By Rod Johnson

Rodric believes Moroni included special instruction for Modern times and wants to share his unique perspective the same way Moroni shared in The Book of Mormon.

Networking to find a Job

All the political controversy means nothing to you when all you study is how to obtain a new occupation.

Government shutdowns and other issues seem to pale in comparison to paying personal expenses.

There came a strong suggestion that my services were no long necessary at one of my places of employment!

It is okay. It happens sometimes, especially in the economy we have experienced since President Bush left office and President Obama took over! It is not the president's fault though.

I miss my old career, but I lived through it, and maintained my links there. I am glad I did. I am still here. I survived the lack of employment because I had a plan. When unexpected things come to life, I mean literally, it is important to have a backup plan to fall on so that you don't disappear.

One of the most effective ways and probably the most effective way to get a job is networking. Networking through people that we know will help us get a job more readily than searching on our on among strangers.

Choose Good Networking Sources
Now, if you are a screw-up and everybody you know knows that you are a screw-up, try to start a different network with people with which you've had good experiences. If you don't have anybody that was blind to your ineptness then you speak to strangers that share your interests. Interest could be from any thing to knitting to computer programming.

Network to Help Others - Karma
Just because we network with someone doesn't mean that person may directly help us gain employment; however, he or she may know someone who could help. Or, we may become a contact to help someone else!

It is good to keep your name circulated--even when we have gainful employment! We may become the go-to person for people needing floor sweepers or something and gain a reputation as a good contact, leading to even more opportunities down the career road.

Fishing Our Networks

This type of fishing is not malicious but could be considered an act of benevolence! After we build our network by contacting old friends or business partners to seeing if there is common interests, then we start phishing for information and setting up some references and interviews.

We call and ask the people in our networks if we can use them as references. We can offer our professional services to people in our networks. Linkedin has an application that allows people to endorse the people in our networks.

Make sure that keep a record of the skills of our contacts just in case we need to speak for them, we need their services or we can suggest to others their services. The benefit of being in a network is the business opportunities that cone from the shared association.

The Network Needs to be Maintained Even When We Get the job.
Always check with the network. We must make sure we are updating our network members about our experiences and adding new contacts as they come. We never know the good we can cause for someone else or ourselves in doing this. Update and associate always to maintain those connections or eventually they will not be hot contacts for our current skills.

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