By Rod Johnson

Rodric believes Moroni included special instruction for Modern times and wants to share his unique perspective the same way Moroni shared in The Book of Mormon.

Mental Musings of a Jaded Republican, I meant Independent!

Donald Trump. Is he as bad as the media says he is? I am too prejudiced against him now to care to find out, sadly I already did not like him because of his behavior on regular TV. When I heard he was running for president I laughed aloud.No one would vote for him, I thought. 

I was wrong. I found his crass behavior entertaining initially. I even found myself identifying with him. I would like to tell someone where to stuff his or her attitudes occasionally. I then realized that I don’t do that because it is rude. I dismissed Trump and moved on. I would not want a rude president.

Now, the media has me afraid that there is going to be a race war. Trump is now the party leader for the KKK and any other anti-minority group out there! This all started when he became a viable candidate for president. Crass, yes he is. Racist? Well, he is now according to the media. I have never heard tell of him so being.  I am not in the world like that, though.

The media gave me video of Trump behaving in what they call a racist way. They say he hates Black people and I believed them. It seems that no matter what Trump does his laud grows. His celebrity grows particularly from supporters of Abraham Lincoln’s Republican Party to which I belonged until I decided to be independent, the party that eventually freed my ancestors.

A fear begins to enter my heart about the Republican Party, the party of the first free Black people in America. It shows that I allow other people to think for me when I should do it for myself and trust my own research. I do not support Donald Trump as the Republican nominee and will not vote for him because he has bully behavior and that it the ONLY reason I should have. I have witnessed that. Everything else is smoke and mirrors. I fear for the Republican Party though I left it. I fear that it no longer stands for what Lincoln believed, the safety of the Republic of The United States of America.

So, if a republican candidate stands before me, all I see is the fear of discrimination. That is not what birthed the Republican Party. I became Independent because the party no longer represented what I thought it did in the past.

I am not inclined to vote for Hillary Clinton because of her association with the last Clinton in office. That's it. I am not judging her for her so called lies or even her political positions. She could not do much without a Congress to back her if she gets into office other than to appoint judges. I don't want her to win, no. I don't support her party's platforms.  I have never trusted the Democratic Party because they supported the enslavement of my ancestors. Yet, I find myself wishing President Obama could run for another four years and I did not vote for him in either election!

So, is racism alive? Yes, but not in my living room. Are police shooting people? Yeah, not the ones in my area. Is Trump the antichrist? I don’t know, but he is a bully. Am I a Republican? Depending on the day I might be, but not today. It is the party of my ancestors' emancipation. I do not like either party right now—never liked democrats. I fear I might have to write in a candidate for nomination—Mitt Romney.

We do not get to choose who wins president, but we do get to choose who runs. I suppose I will still carry my Republican card and live like an Independent. The old Republican Party is what I long for now. The old Republican party of Regan is what will save us. The Post Civil Rights Movement Democratic Party is also what we need. We need both parties to start again. Yes, I admit we need both parties to function as a whole in this nation.

We need a revolution in the parties and media to be true to its original purpose to further democracy by giving the readers awareness of the truth. Well, I suppose the readers and viewers need to revolution also so that we can be ready to hear the truth that the revolution media gives so that we can have good choices from the revolution parties to support, not just for the presidency, but all elected government. 
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