By Rod Johnson

Rodric believes Moroni included special instruction for Modern times and wants to share his unique perspective the same way Moroni shared in The Book of Mormon.

Cycle of Success

Greetings Cyber Friends!

The cycle of success is the culmination of all the failures and work it takes to succeed. It may seem odd that failure is a part of success. We learn through experiences, personal and researched, the things needed to achieve our successes in life. Some of us learn earlier and faster than others of us.

What can we learn from this little perspective? We can learn that no one, NO ONE can succeeded without a support system. The constitution of a support system may differ depending on the field, needs and personality of the person but it must exist. From criminal networks to church hierarchy, a support system reigns supreme for it to operate.

When thinking about others and how we compare to them, we should look at our support system and see how well it works to enhance our natural talents. Sometimes the system that we think supports us, actually cripples our creative drives. It may not be that a person is a failure even though he has a support system, but the wrong one!

Also, we should compare support systems only enough to enhance our own. We should avoid the ills of avarice--to want what others have in an unhealthy way. We should enjoy the habit of justifiable acquisitiveness. Instead of coveting what others have. we long to work at achieving our own version of success.

As cliche as it is, we all have a version of success we can obtain along the cycle of success. We need to make sure we have the right type of support system to achieve it, and be satisfied within our own version of it. If we could all be Bill Gates, then his success cycle would not be exceptional. We can all be like Bill Gates in that we can excel within the limits of our spheres growing within our own cycles of success.

It may be a hard pill to swallow admitting to not being  good at something, but once it is swallowed, the pill makes us  feel so much better and we can enjoy what we have more. Once we appreciate what we have, then comes the opportunity to expand as our support system grows and our cycle of success involves less failures.

What is the secret of success? It is gratitude. It is also preparation, willingness to work and ability to accept failure and limitations. Ultimately, the secret of success is the willingness to fail and learn from it.

I should be about to have my moment, 
because I have been great at failure for so long,
 I am bound to succeed!

Kidding aside, as long as we are willing to fail and learn, we have the ability to succeed. It is an eventuality though. Let us not give up because we cannot do it right, right now or just like Bill Gates. Let us learn what works for us and what doesn't. Let us be willing to explore the unexpected and build on the wisdom of others. Let's be glad we have what we have and seek to enhance it one cycle at a time until we build a better support system.

If we all received what we wanted instantly, the struggle to achieve it lacking, the responsibility of it will crush us.

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