By Rod Johnson

Rodric believes Moroni included special instruction for Modern times and wants to share his unique perspective the same way Moroni shared in The Book of Mormon.

Getting Personal with Christianity: Support Heterosexual Marriage Only

Recently, I wrote to one of my former friends on Facebook about my reason for not supporting Hillary Clinton or any of the candidates for president. I do not support any of them because all of them for some reason or another support something with which I disagree.

When I provided my reason for supporting none of the candidates, my friend deleted me and blocked me. I was surprised. I thought all my friends knew my stances on all issues since I write about them often. Therefore, I am taking this opportunity to address the remainder of my friends on Facebook to let them know with whom they are friends.

It is going to hurt my feelings to lose some of them as friends, but if my beliefs are too offensive for them, it is better that they know before they are surprised and angered like this last former friend.

My Position

I do NOT support gay marriage.

I ACTIVELY am trying to have it repealed. I have never supported it. I have never condoned it. Why? Simply, God commands marriage between one man and one woman.

I believe homosexuality is a sin, and that the people who practice it should repent. The article I wrote about accepting and loving homosexuals as people is correct, however. I continue to stress that. I abhor it when people attack men and women who are my brothers and sisters for their sins. I will never support violence towards a person for being gay.  Love the sinner, not the sin. There should be no discrimination or hatred towards them.

I will not pretend I accept this secular view of marriage to appease family or friends. I will not support it and will speak my opinions when it comes up in conversation.

I also do not agree or support unwedded living together or out of wedlock relations. I hold heterosexual sex out of marriage to the same standard as homosexual sex.  It is a sin. It is also a sin for me to go around berating people for their life choices when I have my own sins to repent of, so I don't judge people in that way. In other words, I don’t condemn them to hell. God is the only person who can do that. I know what God said I must do and what he expects all people to do, have one spouse of the opposite gender.

I am not going to throw it in your face if you practice these things (gay lifestyle, unwedded lifestyle) I disagree with, but I expect the same courtesy when it is apparent that I see those things as wrong. I don't know how often I must say it; I am a Christian. If you don't know what that means, ask me. Comment about it. Tell me what you think. I might not agree, but we can be civil about it.

I am an out loud Christian. 

That means I am not shy to talk about religion or say what I believe. Facebook and the internet give me a forum to express those views respectfully. I write about these things all the time. Being LDS or Mormon since I was 15, I also served a mission and taught about Jesus Christ for two years.

If for some reason I let anybody think I was no longer a practicing Christian because of my behavior in forums or chats, I apologize. I don't walk around with a Jesus t-shirt on, but I hope I live my life close enough to the Savior that I can be accused of Christianity.

Only one Candidate reflects my views, and I could not Vote for Him

Donald Trump is the only candidate that supports my opinion of marriage, which excludes same-sex marriage. All the others, Hillary, Jill, Gary, and Evan all support gay marriage. Evan was supposed to be the alternative to Donald, but he is purposefully unclear on gay marriage. Donald is not. I cannot vote for Donald because I do not like the fact that he has been married so many times and that he has a history of abusive behavior, verbal abuse.

The way I live my faith is personal. No church tells me to believe my position. I do not think I could speak to God and support something that is so selfish as gay marriage or revolving door marriage, or unwedded relationships of a sexual nature.

If I lost another friend, farewell. One day we will meet again. I hope I am still a Christian following God’s commands when I do. I will also hope to be friends again if we can. For those who stay, I hope you know me better now. If I am wrong, I pray to God for help. In fact, I WILL pray to God for help. I will make it public knowledge too. That is how personal I get with Christianity.
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